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FileMaker Pro Consultation

Initial database consultations are always free. We want to give you the opportunity to be sure you are working with someone you trust and feel comfortable with. We also offer paid database consultations in which we dig deeper to understand your needs and requirements.

FileMaker Pro Architecture

The foundation of every successful database project. By strategically mapping the architecture of your database to the infrastructure of your organization, costly course corrections and even rebuilds are avoided, effective and enduring systems are achieved.

FileMaker Pro User Experience

Paying attention to how the user uses the database can be the difference between lots of clicks and wasted time and fast, easy access to answers.

FileMaker Pro Development

This is the nuts and bolts of getting the work done for you. This is where professional experience and technical FileMaker Pro expertise count. It is the difference between expensive and time-consuming revisions and smooth sailing on your project.

FileMaker Pro Coaching

This is useful when you’re almost there with your own FileMaker Pro skills and experience and you need instruction on getting the rest of the way.

FileMaker Pro Training

Who doesn’t love to learn? We know we do! We also love to teach and share our knowledge of all things FileMaker Pro. The best way to learn is hands-on and to be able to ask questions. Our FileMaker training is hands-on and always makes plenty of room for Q&A time.

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