Organize your data in one place

With clear, concise and personal attention from the PowerFiles team and the magic of a well constructed FileMaker database application, these businesses digitally transformed their processes and organized all their data in one place.

Do more with FileMaker, in less time

Allison here – FileMaker is an amazing tool with incredible potential and I intend to demonstrate that every week with video tutorials, tips, tricks and how to’s.

Whatever your experience with FileMaker is currently, I hope to answer your questions about how to get it working the way you want and maybe even surprise you with what’s possible!

The world’s leading brands trust PowerFiles for simple and easy to use custom database applications that work they way they do.


Three ways we can work together to achieve intelligent information management for your organization.

Project Requirements

The initial conversation to discuss your current situation and database application objectives is always FREE. We want to give you the opportunity to be sure you are working with someone you trust and that you feel confident understands your unique way of doing business. We also offer paid project requirement consultations in which we dig deeper to understand your more precise needs and document your requirements in a concise and simple format.

Database Application Development

Databases created at PowerFiles are designed and built to suit the unique needs of your business and industry. Off the shelf database solutions are designed to accommodate the average customer’s needs and produce average results, even the industry specific solutions. If you want your company to produce the high quality results that lead to exceptional growth, you need a database custom built to drive that growth.

FileMaker Database Training

FileMaker training sessions are personalized to your unique requirements. The best way to learn is hands-on and to be able to ask questions. Our one-on-one and small group training sessions are hands-on and leave plenty of room for Q&A. We use a well honed teaching method designed so that you retain the knowledge and master the skills you need to shape the functionality of your database in less time than learning it on your own!