We dig deeper.

Initial database consultations are always free. We want to give you the opportunity to be sure you are working with someone you trust and feel comfortable with. We also offer paid consultations in which we dig deeper to understand your database needs and requirements.

Why dig deeper with a consultation?

Why are you making a change to your existing database or considering a new system? How are you currently achieving or not achieving your objectives? By understanding the whys and hows of your work, we strategically align the database architecture and user experience to function the way you do.  Your database tool is then an extension of your organization’s efforts and of the way you work. By digging deeper with a consultation, clicks are saved, costly confusion and misunderstandings are spared and fast, meaningful information is produced.

You listened carefully to our needs and, even though you are not formally trained in biology or chemistry, you made insightful suggestions to modify our original vision for information storage.


Ph.D., Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School

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