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Meet Allison

Allison Glass

Allison Glass

Director, Custom Software Application Development & Partner

Allison is an avid custom software enthusiast and a consummate professional. Her accomplishments include:

  • Producing over 300 easy to use and durable custom software applications for a range of industries including engineering, architecture, marketing, publishing, manufacturing, events, fashion, and biomedical research,
  • Helping more than 400 clients extend capabilities and improve ease of use for their existing software applications, and
  • Successfully conducting over 200 custom software training classes for all levels of experience from those who are just starting out to those who have worked with their custom software for years.

Clients value Allison for her ability to provide custom software applications that are well constructed, easy to use, reliable and of enduring competitive value.

Request a call to speak with Allison. You’ll find it easy and informative talking with her about your custom software application needs.