Making data work for you.

Scientific and Medical Database Applications

Lab Materials Database Application

Requirement: A lab materials database application with personalized main menus for requestors, purchasers and administrators.

Solution: When users login they are greeted with a main menu that includes only what they need to do their work:

1. Researchers can quickly search for materials and antibodies, place their order, and view their pending and past orders.

2. Purchasers can view and process new, pending, past, and back orders, as well as enter deliveries.

3. Administrators can also edit categories, suppliers, cost codes and users.

Patient Visits Database Application

Requirement: Quickly enter and retrieve patient records and their visits including procedures, their locations and surgeon.

Solution: Dashboard so that office receptionists can easily:

1. Add a new patient

2. Search for a patient

3. Browse patient visits

4. View selected visit

5. Add a new visit for the selected patient.

Lab Inventory Production and Tracking Application

Requirement: Track production of labeled reagents.

Solution: Inventory Management system for tracking:

1. Recording Antibodies and Metals, including their provider information.

2. Producing Labeled Reagents from antibodies and metals with quality control and bar coded vials.

3. Assembling Labeled Reagents into Panels for easier order processing.