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Date stamp your notes in FileMaker with this easy trick!

Miscellaneous mess

Is your notes field missing a FileMaker date stamp? Are your notes looking like a junk drawer of miscellaneous data? Is this jumble of data causing more problems than it’s solving? Is there important information that is difficult to find because it is buried in the disorder?

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Helping vs. hurting

I’m all for a notes field in your FileMaker database for catching important information that doesn’t fit in any of the other fields on your layout. But when that notes field turns into a jumble of text that is difficult for anyone to follow or understand, you’ve got a problem. It’s only a matter of time before this unorganized information results in misunderstandings that cause frustrations.

Restore order

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix! Date stamping is an easy way to organize your notes so that they make sense. With a date stamp, you give a time narrative of what’s happening when so everyone is on the same page, even if it’s only you using the database.

Date stamp your notes!

By date stamping your notes you can:


  • quickly scan – the date stamp acts as a separator
  • find notes taken on a specific date
  • easily understand what’s being said because there is a logical order

Here’s how

Control-hyphen (Windows) and Command-hyphen (Mac) instantly inserts today’s date into any field including your notes field.


By using this simple shortcut, you bring order and clarity to a field that could easily become a mess — if it isn’t already 😉

Over to you

How will you use FileMaker’s insert current date short cut to bring order in your database? Share your response in the comments below.


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