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FileMaker web viewer – your relationship expert!

Building a relationship takes time. Endlessly switching between your FileMaker database and your internet browser wastes time. Eyes wandering off on the internet is inevitable. Ding! That time lost could be spent developing your relationships. What if you could put the internet inside your FileMaker database. Well you can – using the FileMaker web viewer!

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Tennis anyone?

Watching one of my clients switch back and forth between his FileMaker lead database and web browser to research his leads on the internet was a real head turner (think watching a tennis match). He’d copy the lead’s name in FileMaker and then paste it in the usual places on the web: Google, LinkedIn, the lead’s company web site, twitter activity and Facebook timeline.

I watched for a bit and couldn’t take it anymore, so I asked — “If I could put all those web pages with their results directly into the lead card in your FileMaker database, would that be easier and save time?”. His answer, “You can do that?” “Yes, with the FileMaker web viewer. Which will save my neck and yours!” I replied.

Break the cycle

Sometimes we get stuck in inefficient routines that suck our time and sap our energy, not realizing that with the simplest of tools we can break free.

That day, I added a set of tabs to the lead card layout — one tab for each of the five usual places he went looking for lead information: Google, LinkedIn, company web site, twitter and Facebook. On each of these tabs I placed a FileMaker web viewer.

You can do the same thing in your FileMaker database.

Create five fields to enter the web addresses. On each tab, add a FileMaker web viewer object and choose a custom web address. In the specify box, select the the field that holds the web address for that tab.

If you would like to do a google search on the lead name or lead company name add “?” & the name to the end of the google web address like this: The FileMaker calculation would look like this: “” & First Name & “+” & Last Name

When you enter a web address in the the field, the FileMaker web viewer automatically displays that web page directly in the lead record. The page in your lead card is completely live and interactive with the internet. You can click on links, scroll and do searches. All in FileMaker.

The information is now right at your finger tips and next to where you need to take notes. No more tennis!

Shift your time and attention to where it belongs

By introducing a FileMaker web viewer to your layout you:


  • save time switching between two different applications
  • remove task switching costs which are known to take as much as 15 minutes
  • reduce stress of rushing because it takes so long
  • eliminate distractions from the web
  • have necessary information in a single place

Show you care, because now you have the time

It’s easy to get caught up in day to day busywork. When you do, you miss opportunities to make progress on important activities — business building activities like reaching out to valuable leads in a meaningful way by being informed about who they are and what they care about.

It’s not just a FileMaker web viewer, it’s an opportunity to connect with your leads in a way that creates interest and build’s trust.

Too busy to add this awesome tool yourself?

If adding a web viewer to your FileMaker database sounds great and you just don’t have the time, no problem. Take the first step. Request a free, no obligation call with me. I’ll advise you on the best way to take advantage of this amazing tool in your own database.

Over to you

How will you use FileMaker’s web viewer to create meaningful and lasting relationships? Share your response in the comments below.

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  1. Owen Brahm

    This and then you start parsing web data into/out of your database live. The sky’s the limit.


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