FileMaker Database Project Case Study

Article Tracking and Avoiding Loss of Key Information

Article tracking was a top priority for the editorial management team of a publishing firm, but their existing system held too many opportunities for key information to get lost in the shuffle. Producing an article involved a series of sequential steps performed by staff with a variety of responsibilities who all needed to meet their individual deadlines for things to work smoothly.

At any point, it was important for management to know the current stage and task for every article in production. Managing this process using spreadsheets was becoming burdensome and increasingly difficult as more of the staff involved with article production were freelance contractors who worked outside of the organization.

A FileMaker Pro database, that is accessible securely via the web, allows both internal staff and external freelance contractors to record their activities so that the next person in the process can get to work and management knows what’s happening in real-time. The article tracking process is well documented and transparent to the entire team.