FileMaker Database Project Case Study

Purchasing Marketing and Measuring Cost Per Response

Purchasing marketing materials is an important part of two processes: 1) purchase order tracking and 2) measuring cost per response. When determining the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, a key metric is cost per response. In order to produce this metric, a newsletter and publishing firm included a purchase order system in their FileMaker Pro database to track costs associated with their marketing campaigns.

Their purchase order system needed the ability to accommodate both single and multiple ship-to addresses, as well as handle a variety of print specifications for the various marketing campaigns. To handle the range of print specifications, a Template feature was introduced that allowed the Print Manager to record specification details for their most frequently ordered materials. By selecting a Template, the specifications for the purchase order were loaded in automatically.The specifications could be adjusted on the purchase order without affecting the original template.

By using a FileMaker Pro database, the purchasing department is able to produce purchase orders with complex specification requirements and multiple ship-to addresses, all while providing the marketing department with the cost information they need to produce their key metric – cost per response.