FileMaker Database Project Case Study

Quiz Planning with a Vast and Varied Set of Questions

Quiz planning from a list of questions is easier said than done. The range of criteria needed to be sure that the quiz has a well balanced set of questions can be vast. In this case, each question is associated with an article, which in turn is part of a magazine issue. Each article is categorized with a topic and a level of difficulty. And there are hundreds of questions to choose from on the list.

By creating a well constructed FileMaker database to manage the quiz planning process, quiz creators can use a set of search tools to find questions by magazine (product), issue date, article number (DOI) or keyword search. Additionally they are able to narrow the results further by topic and level. Browsing through the list, adding a question to a quiz is done with a single click. With the search tools and ease of adding a question, creating a quiz that reflects questions from a range of magazine products, issues, topics and levels is effortless.