In twenty two years of operation we have yet to go over budget.

Luck? Maybe, some. We choose our clients as they choose us. We choose our clients for their responsiveness as they do us. We do not make our clients fit any molds or pre-builts.

You own your data when it’s all accounted for and standing ready to feed your decisions.

Any decision is a gamble when you’re not certain of your source. Moving forward with assurance versus hope.

With foolproof data collection in place, a system designed to your specifications is an extension of you and your very own processes.

No need to “figure out some programmer’s logic”, it’s your logic guiding your data to respond to you. Your logic grows or evolves in different directions, your system grows and evolves with you. The reality of your process is built into your system.

Hesitation and awkwardness are removed.

Administrative data. Research data. Reporting data. Who did what research? How are we performing? For how long?

Does data impact you and your team? Then it is relevant and it is in its proper place, according to your logic. Why not have all your data visible, understandable, relatable, clearly displayed according to your flow?

You decide what data is linked to what and how, so you always have the right picture at the right time.

You know what you need and when you need it. We make sure that’s what you get. The logic guiding your processes remains clear and on point. You don’t need to interrupt your thought process to make sure things are “in their proper place”.

It is our business to put your data at your service.

You are not in perpetual search mode. Your data is a functioning part of your process. It’s always live: “no slice of time data” here.

You know a cohesive and coherent system is in order.

You’ve been down the spreadsheets and interns route. You know all of that must be in one strong and sturdy place.

You worked your budgets.

You’re here.

We quote when we understand.

The scope of your project is clear throughout.

No “Oh oopses!” No “Maybes!” down the road.

This project will be a professional accomplishment for its initiator and its point person.

You may brag! You will have built, guided and established a team’s process.